The first thing that you think about when planning and putting in place interior décor for your home is how comfortable you will be in there and whether the end product will reflect your style and taste. At times, this obsession with perfection prevents many homeowners from seeing the complete picture, that a home will also have to be shared with others. The ideal home should speak about your style, but it should also make the other family members and any guests that will be visiting you feel welcome at all times. Here, are a few actual tips which you can employ to make the home warm and inviting for guests.

Make the entry inviting to guests

Having a mat which says welcome at the front door is one of the most basic ways that you can make your home look and feel exciting for your guests, however, there is a lot more you can do to make the guests feel welcome and here are a few ways how:

· Make enough room for the guests’ belongings: one of the simplest ways in which you can let the guests know that you were thinking of them when you created the design of the home is simply creating space where they store their belongings. Have a small coat closet that has shelves for handbags next to the entryway.

· Make the area cozy: something else that you can do to make your entryway seem warm and more inviting to your guests is getting a seasonal table runner or a textured rug for the floor.

· Have a focal point such as an art piece, a cabinet or mirror which will draw the attention of the guests in the house as soon as they spot it.

Solving the shoe dilemma

The first thing that the guests think when they get to your doorstep is whether they should keep their shoes on or remove them. At times, it can get really awkward when they get in with the shoes, and you have a rule against that so you have to tell them to take them off. To solve this dilemma:

· Think about how often these people visit and how comfortable you are around them. If you are familiar enough, you can have them walking around in their socks.

· Look at the current weather and other factors such as the time of day when the guests will be visiting.

Older houses used to have what was known as a mudroom, where the guests used to enter and leave their shoes. You could consider adding such a station inside your home so your guests can feel safe about their shoes and you can feel okay about the cleanness of your house.

Set up a welcome station

Another way that you can make guests feel welcome each time that they visit your home is If you have a welcome station set out for them. The welcome station could be as simple as a table which has flowers and some snacks for them to pick up as they get into the living area, have interesting food setups to make the mood feel a little more celebratory and even have wall hangings and other art that will bring pop and color to the welcome station.

Use light and shadows to create a warm atmosphere

Imagine being welcomed into a house which has little or no natural lighting in the middle of the day and having to grope around in artificial lighting during an entire visit. Well, natural lighting is the simple addition that makes a house feel like a home. When designing the home, make sure that the living area has large windows that allow a lot of lighting to get in. Double French doors do a great job in making the living room appear as if it is an extension of the patio. You can also use other creative types of lighting such as white strips, paper lanterns, floating candles, and ornate chandeliers to make the house feel light and airy.

The ultimate way to make your house feel like a home for your guests is creating that warmth and coziness by setting the mood with music and also how you speak to them. The process of making your home feel open and welcoming to guests takes time and also a lot of studying to understand everyone’s tastes and preferences, however, when you have the determination to make the changes, you will soon have the home where all your friends want to meet for social gatherings.