The aesthetic appeal of your home’s exterior is essential for property value, garnering attention of potential buyers when listing the home for sale and even general pride of ownership. Regardless of why you are focused on your home’s appeal today, you understandably want to find quick and easy ways to improve your property from an aesthetic standpoint. Each of these tips can have a positive impact on curb appeal, so spend ample time focusing on each of them for comprehensive results.

Focus on the Front Door

The front door may seem like a small feature that is relatively unimportant, but this is not the case. The eye naturally is drawn to the front door, so its charm and condition directly affect curb appeal in a major way. Assess the condition and style of the front door. If necessary, replace it to give your home’s exterior a refreshed look. Otherwise, consider repainting or re-staining it as needed to make it look like new.

Power Wash the Exterior

You may not realize how filthy your home’s exterior is until you power wash it. Concrete that was once almost white may now be a dismal shade of gray. This same effect may negatively impact your fencing, garage door, siding and other features. When power washing, remember to use the right stream power to avoid damaging your property. This step can refresh your home’s appearance with stunning results.

Fill in Brown Patches

The condition of your lawn is likely a concern. You may have brown patches or even bare spots where grass does not grow. To quickly improve the situation, plant grass plugs or seed in the areas of concern. You also need to assess why the grass is not thriving in these areas and address those problems. For example, grass may not grow around the perimeter of your home because of a lack of gutters. Installing gutters may help your lawn to thrive in the future.

Trim the Vegetation

An overgrown yard can make the entire home look poorly-maintained. This is a relatively easy problem to fix if you invest personal time and energy. Begin by mowing and trimming the lawn. Move onto your hedges and bushes. A final and important step that will give your vegetation a truly cared-for appearance involves trimming the trees. To stay safe, to protect your property from damage and to ensure the health of your trees, consider hiring an arborist to complete this task.

Weed and Mulch the Flowerbeds

These steps can create impressive results throughout the exterior of your home, but you should not stop there. Pull weeds out of your flowerbeds, and cover these areas with mulch. An alternative to mulch is to use small stones or crushed rocks. Consider the color scheme and overall effect that you wish to create in your yard when choosing the right material to cover your flowerbeds.

Plant Flowers

While you are working in your flowerbeds, plant fresh flowers in the spaces. Carefully select plants based on their appearance as well as their ability to thrive in the growing conditions for your yard. It is also important to choose between perennials and annuals. This will be a matter of preference based on your desire to continue to plant fresh flowers seasonally or not.

Replace Fixtures and Hardware

The curb appeal of many homes is negatively affected by outdated or low-quality fixtures and hardware. The exterior light next to your garage door and on your porch may seem like small and unimportant features, but they add decorative appeal to your home. This holds true for the hardware on your garage door and front door. Assess the condition and quality of these features, and make an effort to replace them as needed with more modern and stylish pieces that complement the home’s overall style.

It is easy for the care and condition of your home’s exterior to get away from you. After all, you may have a busy work schedule and numerous personal responsibilities. You may have also been focusing heavily on caring for or improving your home’s interior. If you have neglected your home’s exterior and are displeased with the current state of its curb appeal, you can see that this issue can easily be addressed by walking through a few steps. While there are some expenses associated with a few of these steps, you will find that most of the effort simply requires an investment of time and energy on your part.