How to Gently Introduce a New Dog to your Household

Have you decided to adopt a dog? Congratulations! You will have a loyal friend that it’s going to give a lot of enjoyable and beautiful moments to your family! However, the beginning can be tough because the pet will need time to adjust to its new home, and they can suffer from stress if you don’t know how to help the dog in this transition process. You should have an extra eye in those dogs that are incredibly active and have a playful attitude because they tend to change that behavior into a more fearful one during the change of homes. So, you should follow the next recommendations to provide a more comfortable experience for your new friend.

How to Gently Introduce a New Dog to your Household:

The first recommendation is a very important one because you will have to watch the feelings and movements of your dog. For example, if you see that the animal is timid, make slow movements, if you don’t do this the pet will feel attacked or scared. Another measure is to sit in the same room in which it currently is playing or moving; it’s not going to take a lot of time until it comes close to you. On the opposite side, if it’s full of energy, try to give some toys, in this way the dog will burn all the extra energy and also the stress will disappear.

If you have another dog in your household, then you have to be even more careful with your actions, because if the other dog is a dominant one, then it can even hurt the new member of the family. To avoid this, try to make them comfortable with living more closely, for example, instead of using two different beds, you can get a more large bed – and make sure you pamper them equally! However, don’t rush things! If you see that, this can’t end well then abort the operation for later.

Another reliable and gentle way of introducing dogs is using an extra-large dog crate to keep the new dog inside of it – any generic, wire-metal style will do. Then, take the other dog to the same room and let them interact. Don’t worry, nothing bad will happen because one dog is inside a very safe place. Try to do this same action per day until they become friendly with each other. Once they can stand in front of each other, try to put their food and water bowls close if a dog eats near another one, their relationship will improve after some time, so you should start doing this!

Finally, let’s talk about children and dogs, if you want to introduce them you have to take some previous actions, first, teach your kid how to be gentle with pets, remember, kids are very curious about everything, and they don’t what they are doing in most cases, so he or she can produce damage to the dog with touching vulnerable parts of its body. Also, make sure that the dog is friendly to everyone in the house, NEVER rush relationships between aggressive or dominant dogs with kids, because one of them it’s going to end injured (in most cases the children are the victims)

The Many Uses for Home Air Compressors

In our time today, it is really wise to do some things on our own. A very good example will be some DIY projects. You can buy some old and used furniture and fix them on your own and even personalize it. You could also learn some crafting like making tables or cabinets. Having these hobbies will be very helpful and productive. It could be a side business as time goes on. To start with this though, you will need a lot of tools. There are basic tools that will not only be used for these projects but also for household repairs. This way, it will save you time and money. 

Of course, in doing this, it will be not enough to purchase basic hand tools, but also acquiring some power tools will be really handy for you. It will be very helpful not only for your projects but also for your household needs. 

If you are thinking about purchasing air-powered tools, consider also this machine that will help them power up, and that is the air compressor. An air compressor takes in air that is at the pressure we breath it and compresses it to increase the pressure. There are three types of air compressors, and they are reciprocating compressors, screw compressors, and centrifugal compressors.

An air compressor has many uses. One of them is powering up your power tools. Because of this, an air compressor is very helpful for completing a handful of tasks such as furniture assembly and woodwork. It is really perfect for those who love doing crafting and DIY. With the help of an air compressor, the air tool you are using will likely enhance or speed up your ability to complete a task. An example is using it with a drill which is one of the most used tools. It is used for drilling holes, and it do get its job done. But with it air-powered drill you can work through even more. The holes you’re able to drill can be thicker and you can also have the power to bore through metals. Another well-known tool that can be air powered are the power saws. With power saws, not only your work will be easier, it will be less exhausting on your body too for you will not need to exert too much effort with your sawing.

An air compressor is not only for powering tools. It can also be for other home uses. First is for automobiles. If you have a problem with a flat tire, with an air compressor, you can inflate it to the right pressure. Car tires are not the only thing an air compressor can inflate though. If you love sports and have a lot of training balls, an air compressor will be really handy to have for keeping them inflated. Another use for it is for inflating pool floats for your kids when pool parties arise.

All in all, an air compressor is a useful machine for you to have.

When is a Futon Better Than A Sofa?

Having a place to rest in your home is what we always long for, especially after a day that has just dragged out seemingly forever. We always need comfort and a place where we can let exhaustion and stress fall to the wayside. Sure, we all have beds. They are usually in the bedroom though and not particularly convenient when you’re not going to sleep for the night. Why not find something that you can put in the living room where you can relax with your family or friends? Or perhaps something you can put in your home office or studio so you can catch some quick relief? Having a sofa would be the best bet for this, but you may also want to consider a futon as an alternative option.

What is a futon? What is the difference between a futon and a sofa? Well, a futon is a type of bedding that is traditional in Japan. At it’s most basic it consists of a mattress and a duvet. Japan is known for its minimalism since they tend to have smaller homes and space, and they often use a futon for sleeping because it is easily stored away when not in use. A western-style futon is quite a bit different though. It can be compared with a sofa bed, but it’s still different in many ways. Like the traditional Japanese futon, it also has a mattress, but instead of storing it away it is usually folded up and converted into a sofa when not acting as a bed. Western futons are also usually used in homes or rooms that have small spaces. 

Aesthetically speaking, a sofa would be great. They come in so many styles and designs that you can choose from, as well as a variety of different sizes. The options are so plentiful that you can easily match them with your home’s decor. While all of this is great, they’re not necessarily the end-all be-all.

A futon, on the other hand, is often cheaper than a sofa, and if you are looking for budget-friendly furniture then they are a great way to go. They’re also much more comfortable for sleeping than a sofa because they can fold out flat. Sure, futons can look cheap, but they can also look very nice if you find the right one. Like a sofa, futons also are available in different sizes and styles to choose from according to your tastes and needs. They are also generally lighter and easier to move around, so they’re really suitable for any room in your home. Add to that, a futon can be converted into a bed when you’re tight on space for guests. No need for extra mattresses when you have family or friends stay over, or worse yet having them sleep on couch cushions which are usually uncomfortable.

Unlike sofa beds, which they are often compared with, a futon’s mattress is thicker but still lighter. Plus, guests are not the only ones who will be able to use them, you can use them too whether located in your living room or in your office or studio, so you can have a place to rest or nap if needed.

In the end, it will be your choice to make. So, will it be an expensive and stylish sofa or something more affordable with additional functionality?

Choosing The Best Electric Guitar For A Little Rock Star

Kids are so full of energy. They’re always eager to try new things and they always find them so exciting, cool, and new. At least that’s been my experience with my son anyway.

His latest obsession is with playing guitar. Luckily for me, I think this is a great obsession to have. It comes with it’s weight though, as much as I love t hear him play it does get a little loud and repetitive – but please don’t tell him I said that!

Truth be told, he is pretty darn talented considering that he’s only twelve years old and he’s only been playing for a month. He can hear a tune then work it out by ear, and soon enough he’ll be playing it over and over again. It’s quite impressive, I’d say he has a knack for it.

We bought him an acoustic guitar for his twelfth birthday and it’s been great for him to start learning, but he’s quickly grown to the point that he wants an electric guitar. It’s understandable, all of the music he listens to and loves is on the harder side of rock and roll, and they’re all playing electric guitars. I guess it’s somewhat in line with my tastes, so I guess it’s at least partially my fault.

He has a little bit of money saved up that he’s earned from doing chores around the house. I suspect I’m going to have to supplement it a little bit, especially because if he’s going to make the purchase either way I want him to be able to afford something that will last him a good long while. It’s not a cheap purchase and it doesn’t happen frequently, so why not take the effort to do it right?

Obviously whichever guitar he ends up buying will ultimately be up to him – as long as it’s within his allowed budget – but I went ahead and did some research of my own so that I could at least be able to help guide him to a good choice. Not that I want to pick it at all, I just know the follies that can arise when you start spending larger sums of money.

A Gibson SG Electric Guitar

Some of my key takeaways are as follows:

  • My son will probably know right away if a Gibson style guitar or a Fender style guitar is right for him. The way they feel in your hands are quite different, and people usually have a strong preference. This helps narrow down the options considerably. Even if you’re not limiting to those two brands, it helps you know which types of guitars someone is going to like.
  • If you can fit it in your budget, it’s preferable to have a one-piece neck as opposed to a bolt-on. This is something that you tend to see in higher quality guitars.
  • Again, if it’s within the budget, a hollow bodied guitar tends to have a bit more resonance and as such a bit fuller and more vibrant sound.
  • Pay attention to the quality of the guitar pickups. They have a large impact on the sound. Lower quality guitars often skimp here, so if something doesn’t sound quite right it’s probably because it isn’t.

At the end of the day it’s going to come down to the guitar that my son wants most within the budget. It’s still good to have some background before we get into it though. Soon it’s off to the guitar store to see what we can find.

Cozy Up Your Home With An Electric Fireplace

Back in the day if you wanted to keep your house warm you absolutely needed a fireplace or a furnace of some sort. As technology progressed through the twentieth century however, household heating systems that utilized different sources of energy became the norm. While these more modern designs are certainly more efficient, user friendly, and all around effective, there is something about a fireplace that you lose in its absence. The subtle ambience of the flickering light on dark nights, for example. Or perhaps it’s just the gathering grounds for your family when it’s time to settle down for the evening.

We’re right there with you. Especially in the northern states, a home without a fireplace of some sort is lacking. Over the years many homes have turned to gas fireplaces as an alternative, and understandably so. They have an awful lot to offer and come pretty close to simulating the real thing. They’re not the only option you have these days though, as electric fireplaces have been really improving over the last several years.

It used to be that electric fireplaces were cheap and relatively tacky. It was a good idea in theory, but in execution the products that were available just seemed cheap and poor quality. If you’ve been paying attention though, you’ll have noticed that the design and functionality of electric fireplaces has gotten to a point of realism makes them worth considering. More to the point, by not relying on actual flames to operate they’ve broken out of the box and are now able to offer features that simply can’t be replicated with a gas fireplace or an old-school wood burning fireplace.

What an Electric Fireplace Can Bring to the Table

There are a few situations in which electric fireplaces stand apart from gas and wood-burning fireplaces. Primarily, these aspects boil down to ease of installation, ease of use, and customization.

From an installation standpoint, you can’t really beat an electric fireplace. The vast majority of the models available on the market simply plug into a standard 110V outlet in your home. You can get wall mounted units, which are not too dissimilar to a wall mounted television. You can opt for something built into an entertainment center so that the fireplace goes underneath your television. You can even get a free-standing unit that mimics the look and appeal of an old-fashioned wood stove. Of course, there are some more luxurious models that may take a little more work if you want to integrate them into your home, but for the most part the installation is pretty straight forward.

As far as ease of use goes, you simply can’t get any easier than an electric fireplace. Almost every single model on the market comes with a remote, and you can turn the unit on with a push of a button. The best part? Much like a gas fireplace you have complete control of the heat output. Say it’s a colder day, well you can crank up the heat. On the warmer days you can back off on the heat and still have the flames to look at. Where an electric fireplace beats a gas fireplace is that you can run the electric models completely without having any heat output whatsoever. Pretty cool huh?

Finally, where an electric fireplace really shines is in customization. Since you are not working with actual fire, you not held to the same limitations. Instead of logs, you can opt to have pebbles or glass rocks that resemble ice. Rather than being stuck with orange flames, many manufacturers give you the option of switching through a variety of colors from green to blue, you name it. This is certainly something you wouldn’t have been able to achieve without an electric fireplace, and it’s one way you can make your home stand apart from others in the pack.

Are electric fireplace the end all be all in home improvement? Well, yes and no. Some people will certainly miss the authentic feel of a real fire. You’ll also run into trouble using it in the case of power failure. All said though, there are certainly plenty of reasons why you might want to consider an electric fireplace, especially if you haven’t taken a close look at them lately.

How To Use Stonework To Make Your Garden Nicer

You can use stonework to make your garden look great, and you need to use a couple tools to keep that space looking perfect. You could use an electric pressure washer to clean up the stonework, and you could use the stone to create a pattern or beautiful design that you will enjoy seeing every day. You might want to use the stonework to add color to the garden, or you could move that stonework around the house to create a full aesthetic that you will fall in love with. 

1. The Stone Should Be Cleaned Twice A Year 

The electric pressure washer that you use will help you clean off the stone and keep it as smooth as possible. You will strip away all the gunk, and you need to watch the grime come off as you use the pressure. The water should be intense enough to flake away everything that coats the stone and changes the color. The electric pressure washer can change speeds, and you must wait until you know the stone is completely clear. 

Cleaning the stone might be too hard for you if you are not comfortable using the machine. Hire a company to help you when needed. 

2. The Stone Should Make A Wall 

The stone that you are using to make a wall should create a barrier around the garden, and the wall should make it look as though you have built a lovely castle that people will want to visit. You also need to make sure that it is tall enough to protect the garden or to create a raised space. Someone who wants to use stone must make it as full as possible because you do want to make it too small. Building up the wall later is going to be too difficult. 

3. The Stone Could Make A Walkway 

The stone could make a walkway, and you might move the walkway from the front of the garden to the front of the house. You could lead the walkway to the action, or you might bring it to the stairs for your deck. You might bring the walkway around the house to the front door. The walkways make your home look that much more interesting, and you could use the walkway as a way to make a serpentine pattern. You might also make a labyrinth that people could walk through during gatherings at the house. 

4. The Stone Should Have A Pattern 

You should use the blocks that you have found to make a pattern. Do not lay down the blocks to make the pattern that looks a lot more interesting than the basic style of the blocks. You also need to be sure that you have made a pattern that you have never seen before. You want your home to look unique, and you want people to believe that a professional made the patterns that you found. 

5. Use Masonry Stones 

You do not want to use pebbles or bags of stones that you arranged thinking that they would hold in water. You need to make something that is sturdy enough for your garden, and you need to find stones that will hold in the soil that you have in the garden. You might also want to have a stone wall that will help support a gate if you want to put a gate at the entrance fo the garden. 

6. Conclusion 

The best thing that you can do in your garden is to add a stone wall, but you need to know how to clean that wall, how to build it, an dhow to use that stone to make something gorgeous that will snake around the home. There are many people who want to use stone to make their garden look great, and you could start laying out different patterns, and you could make stone patterns that will create a path for your guests.

Barbecue Made Easy: How To Cook In An Electric Smoker

Do you love juicy, smoked ribs or some delicious pulled pork? The secret for preparing delicious, smoked barbecues, whether dry or wet, is doing it at the ideal temperature. If you are using an electric smoker, all you need to do is to set the right temperature, and your smoker will do the rest. The best part of your barbecue experience is that you do not have to check the meat after every few minutes. Here is how to make delicious barbecues in an electric smoker.

Keep the meat moist

Moist meat adheres better to the smoke particles thereby resulting in a stronger smoky flavor. Smoky meat is also tender. Mix vinegar, apple juice, and Worcestershire sauce and apply it on the meat to keep it moist. Otherwise, you may use the mop sauce. You can use the spray bottle to cover the meat with the sauce or brush off the mixture on the surface of your meat.

If you rather not spray your meat every hour or two, you may consider brining it overnight. Brine adds moisture to your cut helping your meat to retain its natural juices.

Consider smoking at a low temperature

If you want to hasten your ribs, use high temperature. However, the meat is likely to be dry with less flavor. For tender meat, consider putting the meat at a low cooking temperature and smoking it for at least six hours. Low temperatures prevent the water vapor from escaping from your meat thereby enabling it to have a juicy, delicious flavor.

Choose your cut

If you are preparing pulled pork, avoid the lean cuts such as tenderloin. Instead, consider juicer parts such as pork belly, shoulder, and Boston butt. These options easily pull apart after they are smoked. As for the ribs, pick a rack that is pink and not frozen. It should also be trimmed off the excess fat.

Freeze your cut after marinating

You may use a variety of seasoning ingredients that include paprika, mustard powder, cumin, chili powder and the cut side of lemon among others. Once you have rubbed your meat with the seasoning, put them in your refrigerator overnight for some proper marinate. If you did not have the time to prepare the cuts overnight, let your marinated meat stay in the freezer at least two hours before you start smoking.

Remove the meat at least an hour before you start smoking it. For the best results, let the meat warm up to the room temperature. You can also apply seasoning at room temperature.

Preheat your smoker

Preheat your electric cooker up to 255 degrees Fahrenheit. Many smokers will come with a thermometer built in, but if not you may use the oven thermometer to determine if the environment inside the smoker has a uniform temperature. Place the thermometer on the grates where the meat will cook. Once the smoker reaches this temperature, brush the grates with vegetable oil and place your meat for smoking.

Midway through your smoking ( after about three hours), remove your meat from the smoker. Pour a little of the apple juice on it and wrap it with aluminum foil. The juice helps the meat get more flavor-filled and tender. Let your meat stay out for a few minutes before putting it back into the smoker.

Once your meat is ready, let it rest for about five to ten minutes before slicing it. During the time, the decreasing temperatures allow the natural juices to settle. You can then slice your meat and serve it with the rest of the dish. The meat should have a dark brown surface and should be very tender.

Storing barbecued meat

Store the leftover meat in an airtight bag and put it in the fridge. You should consume it in three days. Do not put it back into the smoker when reheating it. Instead, use a pan and cover the meat with a moist paper to keep the meat moist.

You can prepare delicious barbecued cuts on an electric smoker in no time. The smoker is easy to use and requires little attention when cooking. You also get perfect dark brown smoked meat. Try the electric smoker for your next barbecue. Bon appetit!

Designing A Garden That Takes Care of Itself

Everyone wants a beautiful garden bursting with lush greenery and colorful flowers. To many people, this remains a dream since they feel they don’t have the time to put into achieving the perfect garden. A stunning garden that requires almost no care is well within reach if you make smart choices. These tips will help you create a garden that practically takes care of itself.

Choose Native Plants

The way most homeowners choose the plants they put in their garden is by selecting whichever flowers are most beautiful. While this may get you a lovely landscape, you will soon be devoting all your time to its upkeep. Native plants have bred over time to perfectly function in local soil and climate conditions with no care. Choosing flowers, shrubs and trees that are from your area will let you have a garden that knows exactly how to thrive where it is planted.

Plant Drought Resistant Varieties

One of the biggest garden chores is daily watering. Not only is it inconvenient to get up early to give your plants a drink, it also is not good for water conservation. Choosing plants that are drought resistant enables you to skip daily waterings. These plants will generally survive on what falls out of the sky unless you go several weeks with no rain.

Plant Dense Foliage

If spending your weekends pulling weeds out of your flower beds does not sound like your idea of a good time, consider planting your flowers as close together as possible. Just like any plant, weeds need sunlight to survive. When the leaves of your plants form a canopy that the sun’s rays are unable to penetrate, you give weeds less of a chance to invade your garden.

Mulch Your Beds

Another weed busting garden feature is good old fashioned mulch. There is a reason why gardeners have been using this technique for thousands of years. Mulch is a thick covering of organic or inorganic material that keeps weeds from growing and moisture in the ground. Many people use wood chips, rocks or straw as mulch in their landscape. The key is to pile the material high enough in your beds to smother any unwanted plants that may try to poke their leaves through the soil.

Start a Compost Bin

For part time gardeners, proper fertilizer amounts can seem like an art, a science and magic rolled all into one. If you use chemical fertilizers to feed your garden, it can be difficult to portion out the correct amounts for all your different plants. For the lazy gardener there is a simple, inexpensive solution. Compost is a great fertilizer that works on every plant. All you have to do is put a layer of compost in all your garden beds, and your plants will be fed for several months. It gives plants a gentle feeding that doesn’t cause stress that makes them susceptible to pests and diseases. You can make your own compost by tossing lawn clippings, leaves, weeds and vegetable scraps in a pile. Over a few months this mixture breaks down into a rich, dark soil-like material that provides the simplest of plant foods.

Built In Drip Irrigation

Even though your garden is full of native and drought resistant plants, there may still be times you need to water. If there has not been rain for a few weeks, your plants will need hydration. You can eliminate the need to trudge through your parched garden with a hose by installing a drip irrigation system in your beds before you even plant the first flower. This is a hose with tiny holes at regular intervals that snakes through your landscape. You can simply turn on the water and go back to whatever you were doing. You can even put your irrigation system on a timer so you don’t have to remember to turn it off.

No garden is completely self sufficient, but planning your outdoor space using these tips will get you as close as possible. You will spend more time relaxing in your gorgeous landscape than you will put into the care of it.

Designing a Cozy Living Room for Your Family

The living room is the hub of family life. Whether you’ve just finished child-proofing your home for your first brand-new little one or are a parenting pro seeking to reorganize your family’s lifestyle, a functional living room can be reimagined from a cookie-cutter sitcom backdrop to a space that inspires and shapes itself to your family life.

What can your living room become? Every project will shape itself to its own living-room dwellers. Try opening up a discussion and making reorganization a family project! And as you do, consider:

Conversational Seating

Too often, in our digital age, the living room has become defined by two things: a television, a coffee table, and a sofa facing them. But even if you value catching your shows or giving your children their gaming time, living rooms don’t have to exist in any such rigid formula. Sectional sofas or easily-moved chairs are a natural way to keep your living room from becoming an unintentional shrine to the television, while keeping it viewable with sufficient seating for family movie nights.

Storage in the Living Room

Yes, storage. What? That thing relegated to the hall, to tucked away cupboards? Not anymore! Living room storage should be all about creating the space your family finds most usable.

Do you do a lot of puzzles, or host family board game sessions? Whether it’s a regular habit, one you want to get back into the swing of, or a new tradition to start, family game night can be helped along by keeping your options close on hand in a central location. Consider glass-top tables with an easy-access shelf underneath. If that feels too cluttered for your lifestyle, that’s alright: many furniture companies make tables, chairs, ottomans and more with hidden storage.

What else should be stored in the living room? That depends on your family’s needs. If your children do their homework in the living room, consider creating an area with cubbies for school supplies, or wall-mounted in and out boxes for homework, permission slips, and papers. If you have pets, you’ll find great use out of an easy-to-reach bin for interactive toys—though maybe the bin should be easier to reach for humans than for their animal companions. Cedar chest and ottomans with built-in storage can be used to keep clean blankets, for huddling under on movie nights or hosting a last-minute guest.

Electrical Upgrades

The latest gaming consoles and theatrical surround sound aren’t designed for every budget. But that doesn’t mean that your living room can’t use an electrical pick-me-up. Consider replacing agitating LED or halogen bulbs, which flood our eyes with unhealthy amounts of blue light, with warm toned compact fluorescents. Look specifically for ones marketed as giving off warmer tones to avoid circadian cycle-breaking blue light—great in the workspace, less so in the living room!

Or maybe you want to invest in smaller, family budget-friendly speaker systems that can be connected to play music as well as game and television audio. Dimmable lights can help your family wind down after the sun has set, rather than a clear-cut “on”/”off” switch that can trick our brain into not producing enough melatonin and recognizing when it’s time to call it a night.

In a living room that feels like home and runs smoothly enough to cut down on family stress, it’s the little details that can count the most.

Keeping it Comfy-Cozy

You know those throw pillows you pass on your errands, or the candles you pause to envy should you browse through a little boutique? There’s a reason, beyond frivolity, that they stay on the market!

Consider starting with just one scent you like, one fluffy pillow or couch throw, or letting your kids pick (within reason!) one small item to make the living room feel more cozy and welcoming.

A Splash of Fun

What’s the living room for, if not living? Liven it up! Desk toys like newton’s cradles or magnetic building sets can make a perfect side table point of interest, and will do more than coffee table art books ever did to draw your children out of their rooms.

We’re not knocking the art books! Browse your local bookstores or cafés that patronize local artists and photographers to find those conversation starters you’ll love to flip through even alone. Does this book inspire your kids to ask about your favorite childhood band, or this one highlight gorgeous photography of your spouse’s home country? Family photo albums or travel albums can bring in an even more personal (and DIY!) twist to the coffee table book.

Top Vineyards To Visit In Washington State’s Wine Country

No longer do you have to go to California’s Napa Valley to visit high-end vineyards on the West Coast. Washington state boasts an incredible selections of vineyards that combine both excellent wine with memorable experiences. Here are some of the best (in no particular order):

Cave B Estate Winery

348 Silica Rd NW
Quincy, WA 98848

A few hour drive from Seattle, Cave B Estate Winery not only serves excellent wines in their tasting room, but they also provide incredible panoramic views from a nearly 1,000-foot cliff. They further offer music in a natural amphitheater, and you can make a night of it by eating at their restaurant and by staying at the fine accommodations they provide.

Barnard Griffin Winery

878 Tulip Ln
Richland, WA 99352

If you love Cabernet, Barnard Griffin Winery is well worth a visit. They are noted for their excellent and very affordable Cabernet wines, which you can sample at their bar and eatery. They also have terrific food and a sweeping view of the Columbia River, and the winery further includes a glass art gallery.

Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery

14111 NE 145th St
Woodinville, WA 98072

A stone’s throw from Seattle, Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery offers a variety of tasting opportunities as well as tours of the vineyards. These tours include standard walk-in tours and their Ultimate Tour, which you must reserve in advance. They also offer a number of musical and special events during the course of the year.

Columbia Crest Winery

178810 WA-221
Paterson, WA 99345

Columbia Crest Winery is the place to visit if you enjoy Chardonnays and Bordeaux-style red wines. The wines there are noted not only for their quality but also for their value. Like the Barnard Griffin Winery, this winery overlooks the picturesque Columbia River, and they offer both guided and self-guided tours. They also offer what they call a food and wine pairing experience at a very reasonable price.

The Hogue Cellars

2800 Lee Rd
Prosser, WA 98948

Overlooking the scenic Yakima River, the Hogue Cellars is the winery to go to if you love Riesling. While they produce a variety of these wines, their top tier vintage — which is called “Terroir” — is only available to those who visit their tasting room.

Milbrandt Vineyards

508 Cabernet Ct
Prosser, WA 99350

Located not far from the Hogue Cellars, Milbrandt Vineyards offer 2,500 acres of lush vineyards. Their tasting rooms also offer a variety of vintages, including their Vineyard Series wines, which is only available there.

Northstar Winery

1736 J B George Rd
Walla Walla, WA 99362

The Northstar Winery is known for their excellent Merlot wines. While they have a tasting room in which you can experience a variety of quality wines, they also offer what they call a “Blending Experience,” which is a guided seminar where you get to blend your own wine.